Heart full of Love & Lust


A fiery heart full of love and lust that will have lovers indulging in nights of burning passion!

The heart contains 100 slips of paper, and a pair of tweezers to remove them with. Each slip has an intimate, loving, and incredibly lusty task. Lovers will enjoy greater passion and intimacy with 50 white slips for him and 50 pink for her.

The heart could tell her to “Rub massage oil on your breasts and tummy and use them to give his shoulders, back and buttocks a massage. In other words, give him a real body-to-body massage.” Then tell him to “Think of your partner’s body as a delicious object of discovery and adventure. Let a feather, your fingertips, your nails, or the tip of your tongue follow every curve of her body.”


Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 5 mm