OmShakti Inspiration Essence 30ml Dropper


Inspiration essence invites you on an inner journey to discover your true authentic expression. From a deeply feminine perspective, she will assist you to gently melt away any shadow places that might have felt a little harsh, pushy or brittle, especially towards yourself. Supporting you to build confidence from the inside out so that your beautiful dreams can be planted safely and securely in the fertile soil of your womb, to become the most beautiful and lush garden full of your inspiration.

You may choose to take Inspiration whilst meditating or during journaling or conscious dreaming.

The OmShakti Essences were created to support female survivors of sexual abuse and all women to discover their voice of power. They each support our female journey with their unique blend of Essences.

OmShakti essences are suitable for women at any stage of your menstruation journey, from your first period to menopause and beyond. Each phase of our feminine cycle brings the potential for immense richness of experience, as well as unfortunate and often unforeseen challenges. We hope that the Om Shakti essences will support you to re-discover your sense of inner peace, safety, trust and joy in your female journey.

The overall intent of OmShakti Essences is to help women connect with our innate feminine nature and return us to our most wholly centred and creative potential, with joy and ease and above all, to find peace and pleasure, great love, connection and compassion for ourselves, as women.

Ingredients: Quantum Essences, Avalon Spring Water, 20% Organic Grain Vodka

Dosage: Gently tap the bottle 20 times on the palm of your hand prior to use. 7 drops under tongue or in water. 2-3 times per day.


Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 5 mm