The Erotic Coloring Book by Michelle Winner



  • Paperback / softback – 30 pages, 28 Illustrations

Isn’t it about time that there was an adult coloring book. No not one of those coloring books for grown-ups. We all know the coloring book craze is huge right now. Mandalas and jungle animals and roses all over.

Isn’t it about time we had a coloring book with things in it that adult men who love women would be interested in? Hey, women who love women are welcome too! Or anyone who loves the beauty of the nude female figure!

Inside you’ll find an assortment of traditional, digital and enhanced ink drawings celebrating the beauty of the female body.

I love the female figure. I love everything about it. It’s like watching a living, breathing, thinking, talking work of art. I don’t think there’s a thing in this world that is more beautiful, which is probably why I spend most of my time drawing naked ladies!

I don’t just draw stereotypical twiggy-style models from magazines.

I appreciate all types of female figures, thin, thick, curvy, big small, all races, body types, and interests.

Because of the above, I like to think that in these pages you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re a kinkster that’s into artistic nudes, groups, bondage, lesbians, horny housewives, titillating teens…or maybe you just like to get lost gazing into a nice brown eye?

Whatever your interest, you can work your way through the pages from front to back or skim through and just focus on your favorite images. You can add your choice of colors to them to help bring the images to life.

Michelle Winner


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