Year of The Witch Calendar 2024


Manifest your own Wheel of the Year through the guidance of folk witch, teacher, and author Temperance Alden. This wall calendar features craft wisdom and rituals to help us observe traditional practices with a modern application and explore seasonal insights as a catalyst for magickal discoveries. Bold graphics, symbolism, and motifs offer an inspirational focal point for reflection and growth throughout the year. Reaching outside of the neo-pagan Wheel of the Year, Temperance encourages us to embrace and personalize our experiences to create a true act of magick.
Temperance began her spiritual journey immersed in family traditions and has since spent years devoted to growing and developing her personal path of witchcraft and paganism. Her popular book Year of the Witch encourages us to live in our truth and live in the moment. She founded the online community Wild Woman Witchcraft and hosts the FolkCraft podcast.

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