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‘Embodied Abundance’ With Deya Cacao Amor and Allie McPhee

Wednesday, July 27th 2022 – 6.30pm to 9pm


Embodied Abundance Flyer CacaoAmor Modern Goddess Lifestyle

Embodied Abundance: a workshop for conscious fempreneurs to expand their capacity to receive.

This workshop is for you if want to:
* move through blocks with your creative energy
* increase your abundance flow
* embody your womb’s wisdom
* activate your heart energetics
* engage your senses to receive more in your feminine

Rituals included:
🖤 Cacao Ceremony
🖤 Intimacy Puja
🖤 Womb-Clearing
🖤 Prosperity Magnetism Activation

This is a rare opportunity to meet and receive powerful transmissions from Allie McFee from Modern Goddess Lifestyle, whilst she is visiting us from Kauaii!

Arrive 6:15 doors close at 6:30

Early bird until 25th July £33 thereafter £37

To book: https://www.cacaoamor.com/products/embodied-abundance-a-workshop-for-conscious-femprenuers-to-expand-their-capacity-to-receive

About Allie McFee

Allie McFee is a Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach, Tantric Practitioner, Red Tent Facilitator, and Hormone Balance Chef, who guides transformational workshops, retreats, online trainings, and courses.

She has helped thousands of heart-centered womxn with full schedules liberate their blocks from overwhelm, shame and unworthiness through embodiment rituals to manifest their dreams from magnetic overflow while feeling radiant energy within their bodies and menstrual cycles.

Allie offers transformational online trainings and programs, cooking classes, in-person retreats, eCookbooks and eGuides, and 1:1 coaching. Her Womb-Space Clearing guided practices help womxn honor their “sacred no”, release emotional stagnation, and radically love their bodies and sexuality.

Allie is the owner of the hormone health cooking blog: Modern Goddess Lifestyle. Her recipes help balance hormones naturally and support eating for the 4 inner seasons of the menstrual cycle to clear period pain and regulate the cycle. Her career began as a private plant-based chef and then co-opened Ezra’s Enlightened Café in 2014, as Head Chef and Kitchen Manager, Indianapolis’ first fully gluten-free and dairy-free café.

She believes nutrition, embodiment rituals, and mindset shifts are the foundation of womxn’s wellness.

@moderngoddesslifestyle  https://www.moderngoddesslifestyle.com/ 

About Deya CacaoAmor

Deya was born in Ecuador, she is a Cacao sorceress, Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator, Priestess of the Temple of Amor and the founder of CacaoAmor. Her mission is to share the healing powers of Cacao, expanding joy and love whilst caring for the Earth. She is a beautiful being of light, laughter and the energetic embodiment of joy inherent in the Spirit of Cacao.

She works with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade cacao, protecting biodiverse farms, ancient trees and the people who care for them, whilst providing premium quality Cacao to the world.

@cacaoamor  www.cacaoamor.com

‘Cacao & Rope Play’ With Deya Cacao Amor and Sophia Rose

Sunday, April 10th 2022 – 6pm to 9pm


Cacao ceremony Rope Play cacaoamor Sophia Rose

An Intimate and safe space for your whole being to work with the magick of Cacao, feeling connected and open to explore self-tying shibari.

Harnessing Cacao’s bliss compounds and love biochemicals, we will use rope like an extension of our hands and touch.

This ceremony will help you connect with your heart and yourself, in a very loving way.

The event is taking place at the shop, but for more information and booking, contact the facilitators via their website www.cacaoamor.com

Price scale: £33, £44 or £66 per person. 4 tickets at £22 available for people who really need it.

‘Talking Tantra: Sacred Heart Connections’

With Master B and Noha / Monday, February 14th 2022 – 6pm to 8pm



Join Master B and Noha for an evening of Tantric discovery.

This workshop is suitable for individuals and couples seeking to open their hearts to a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Practices will include opening of energy centres in the body for flow of heart energy, sound healing, visualisations, and partner work with participants to build stronger heart-to-heart connections by tuning into the senses.

We will explore the concept of Love and Heart-centredness in tantric philosophy in celebration of Valentine’s Day 2022. 

Master B is from St Lucia where he began his journey in shamanism and spirituality. He started his career studying classical ballet and other dance forms. He lived and worked in India for 8 years. There he studied yoga and different modalities in massage. He has been on the path of Tantra studying with his teacher for years.

‘I use Tantra to to tap and journey into my true essence of who I am; to journey from the untruths to the truth, as sex is the most potent energy source on the planet. 

I have run workshops and talks on how this energy source which could disempower or empower the individual. Sex has been used throughout the ages to manipulate;  to be fearful of; and to some as disgusting. I facilitate conversations and demonstrate practices that tap into the beauty of Tantra.’ (Master B)

Noha has been on the tantric path for 4 years working with Master B. Because of her cultural background and social programming she had been closed off to the notion of sexual energy. What she has learnt about Tantra is that it is a great healer; a path to balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine within us, and preparing for an authentic sacred union with a beloved. She will be part of the conversation facilitated by Master B to represent the voice of Shakti.

Capacity: 15 people max.

Sliding honesty scale £10.- to £15.-

You can book in advance by messaging the shop or popping in. You can also pay a deposit or the full price in advance, by paypal or cash. Walk-ins will be welcome if spaces are left.

This event is the follow up from the ones that took place in November and December 2021, but you do not need to have attended the first two to enjoy this one!

‘The Heart of Classical Tantra’ with Fanny Olsson

Sat. December 11th, 6pm to 8pm



Tantra has been called the roughest, rockiest and unquestionably the most horrible of spiritual paths; a razor’s edge walk. Yet, it is no doubt the path of ecstacy.

During this evening Fanny will give an introduction about the scriptural traditions of tantra, address some common misconceptions, and share a few core teachings and practices.

Fanny has been studying and practicing tantra for about seven years, when she first encountered the transformative teaching on shiva and shakti’s union. Since a few years back she has lectured in yoga teacher trainings and offered sadhana instructions and immersions. She mainly shares from the lense of kaula and the trika-krama synthesis (sometimes referred to as Kashmir shaivism), but has also studied with teachers of sri vidya and Tibetan tantra.

Capacity: 15 people max.

£10.- You can book in advance by messaging the shop or popping in. You can also pay a deposit or the full price in advance, by paypal (samarasadevidasa@gmail.com) or cash. Walk-ins will be welcome if spaces are left.

This event might be the first of a series.

‘Yoni – Lingam Puja of the 5 offerings’ Friday, June 11th 2021 – 7pm to 9pm

(Might run again)


Summer Solstice Dark Moon, power point of creation and the meeting of sacred opposites in harmony: A potent time to make offerings and to drop into devotional tantra.

Yoni – Lingam Puja is an ancient Tantric ritual that honours sacred union. Designed to enhance devotional practises and spiritual development, it is held to celebrate the powers of creation.

Come offer your prayers and heart’s desires, receive from the sacred blessings and partake in the 5 offerings of this Puja on the Dark Moon of Litha.

The Shiva Lingam is an ancient symbol consisting of a pillar, column, or standing stone and the Shakti Yoni which is represented by a gateway, an oval, or a portal: often a ring, altar or circle in which the standing stone is placed.

The lingam pillar symbolizes the Shiva principle (consciousness) and the yoni altar is the symbol of the Shakti principle (energy, power of consciousness). The lingam and yoni in union express the idea that Shiva and Shakti are inseparable and timeless.

The yoni- lingam puja therefore represents the union of these two principles: a union that governs all of creation.

The puja will be performed using a sculpture to represent the yoni and lingam, which will serve as the focus for our veneration.

With purification ceremony, honouring adoration, devotional chanting, sharing of blessings and a Five Sacred Offerings ritual.

Please bring small flowers to offer during the yoni-lingam puja.

Limited places!

Sliding honesty scale £10.- to £15.-

£5,- deposit secures your place payable in cash in My Pleasure shop or message us for paypal payment

To book, message us via this website.

Blessed be !

Life Drawing Classes – Mondays and Thursdays


Life Drawing classes take place every Monday and Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm (includes a 15 min tea break) in the “Colours of Avalon” Art Studio located directly above My Pleasure.

Each class is limited to 5 artists.

We try to rotate various life models as much as possible, so you get to draw different bodies each week.

£12 per person

Pre-bookings only

Contact Robin from Glastonbury Sketchbook at glastonburysb@gmail.com for information and bookings.

“Rekindle your Sexual Fire with Female Tantric & Celtic Sexual Energy”

Saturday 31st of October 2020 – 7.00pm to 9.00pm (Might run again)


This exclusive women-only evening event is run by the lovely and knowledgeable Kate Gallwey, and hosted by My Pleasure.

It will be in the form of a talk and mini-workshop. The idea is for it to be a taster and introduction for a series of workshops run by Kate over the winter.

This saturday, she will cover:

  • Self Healing with Yoni Egg exercises
  • Empowering your Sexual Vitality
  • Sexual Massage Practices
  • Sacred Fire Breath
  • Multi Orgasmic Potential

Time will be allowed at the end and during the evening for women to ask whatever questions arise.

We wish to create an accessible, safe, comforting and fun space for women to get together and explore all aspects of their sexuality.

£10 per person (maximum 10 people)

Pre-bookings only

Use the contact form below or email mypleasureglastonbury@gmail.com for information and bookings.

Ps: Feel free to bring your favourite and comfiest cushion to sit on if you wish to!


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