Magdalene Manifestation Cards : Create Abundance through Love


As Danielle Rama Hoffman reveals, each one of us has the ability to receive more, to manifest abundance in all areas of life, without sacrificing and without doing more and more and more. It is time to cast aside lack-based consciousness–and the energy of overworking, overdoing, and overthinking that goes with it–and embrace the art of feminine manifestation based on love, receptivity, and grace. In this full-colour deck and guidebook set, Hoffman presents hands-on tools and highly effective manifestation practices channeled from the Magdalene Midwives, a higher dimensional collective intelligence devoted to assisting ascension efforts on Earth.

Each of the 44 cards features a Magdalene Code of Love to empower you, open your ability to receive, and awaken your natural tendencies toward prosperity and multidimensional abundance. In the guidebook, the author explains each Magdalene Code, how to co-create with them, and how they provide innovative energies of abundance that deeply nourish your love body and soul. She shows how to use the cards to create energy vortexes and Love Conception altars that harness the power of your multidimensionality to expedite manifestation, attracting money, radiant health, intimate connections with Source, nourishing relationships, or success in your thriving mission-career-business–anything which matters to you and you are aligned with.

Building on the Magdalene Code manifestation techniques, Hoffman explains how to expand your energy field and love body to contribute to your evolution in consciousness with the energy of surplus and abundance. She also shows how the Codes can help remedy lightworker burnout and allow you to harness the co-creational power of the higher realms, enabling you to manifest even while you sleep.

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